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Fifty Shades of Grey (excerpt from page 227)

Writing fiction romance sex scenes

Make sure your characters stay in character. One of the hardest scenes to successfully write is the love scene. Because it's pretty easy. Sex scenes are very difficult to write because everything else is stripped away and all you've got to work with are the characters and the emotions. But a scene that has two forces pulling in opposite directions mesmerizes us. Focus on the dialogue. And one last tip: It had to do entirely with tone.

Writing fiction romance sex scenes

Make sure your characters stay in character. Think about incorporating that sort of cosmic awareness into what your point-of-view character feels. One of the hardest scenes to successfully write is the love scene. Think about your favorite love stories. What restraint must they practice, what problems must they overcome, on the journey to true love? In a sex scene where people are desperate or angry or full of regret, the tone will be very different from a sex scene where people are lonely or tender or full of longing. In your mind you may picture a moving, romantic interlude, but down on paper, you find it reads like melodrama—or worse. Remember that they're just words. There was tension and intensity in old-fashioned courtship, and that is the stuff of which great fiction is made. Apply restraint in what your lovers say, or risk writing maudlin dialogue. The Victorians, by contrast, lived in an age of restraint, where considerable flirtation, intrigue, wooing, and resistance were part of the mating ritual. In a love scene, this translates to tension between boy and girl, between felt love and forbidden or impossible expression, between what the characters want and what they can have. Your story should reflect this human behavior. There's a whole book on how to write sex scenes. Planning out a shopping list? While you want to write as though no one is looking over your shoulder, one day, you may be sitting in a room full of readers who have all eagerly read your sex scenes and wish to comment on them. Eleanor is asked by a benefactor to give Edward information that will help, so the two—who were avoiding each other—are forced to talk. Because it's pretty easy. Not just a little X, a lot of X. What else do you notice the author doing that makes those scenes a success? One minute she was vowing to keep secret the fact that she had spotted her husband on a compromising video compromising in a professional way, not a personal or sexual way and the next, she was thinking about sex. Those would all give you great opportunity to reveal something authentic about these people. I was, on occasion, shocked by what I read, and I learned some things I never knew I never knew, but only once did I make the comment that a line was too crass. Do you find these principles expressed there? You can't let the author's sensibilities intrude on the characters'.

Writing fiction romance sex scenes

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