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Video about sex with a flight attendant:

Secrets Flight Attendants Never Tell Passengers

Sex with a flight attendant

Now imagine how they feel when they have passengers that are really cool to them. We mashed up some crab and prawns and then put them in the sleeves of the jacket. We were in the back corner of the flight attendant cabin by the emergency door and bathroom, so no other passengers could see us make out for about 5 seconds. We have all had the fantasy of sleeping with a flight attendant. I used this strategy with a sexy female flight attendant on a flight from San Francisco to San Diego a couple years ago. I have a strong foundation to build from at this point. The cabin crew worker revealed: When they come around getting drink orders, they already know me as the fun guy who took interest in their stories. Not all are so discreet, the air hostess claimed.

Sex with a flight attendant

Do you have a strategy for getting free drinks from flight attendants? Have you pulled it off? We have all had the fantasy of sleeping with a flight attendant. Seeing him in the baggage hold with one shoe was brilliant. Take interest in your flight attendant when you bump into them the first couple times because when they make the rounds to take drink orders, you can use this to your advantage. Inside the world's first plus-size hotel An air hostess from a British airline has lifted the lid on the mile-high bonks, romps with pilots and celebrity affairs that go on among the glamorous crew. This is when I take the dialogue to the next level. It takes some swagger, confidence, cracking a cheesy specific joke, and waiting to see what happens. The same goes for the less attractive female flight attendants. We mashed up some crab and prawns and then put them in the sleeves of the jacket. But she has no regrets about her 15 years in the skies and confessed: Imagine how difficult it must be for a male flight attendant. When he was asleep, we got his jacket out and we unpicked the seams at the end of his jacket on his sleeves. We knew he was going to Barbados, so it was going to be hot and would stink. You are joking around with them and bullshitting, not flirting. All the attention goes to the hot ones, so show some respect to the girls lower in the spectrum. But if you play your cards right, they will use these passes on you instead. Use this to your advantage strategically and just bull shit with some male flight attendants. I could tell she was into me, I had a few drinks in me, we were back there bullshitting with each other, so I went in for my line: They are constantly being sized up by passengers think they are gay. She was caught business-carding it — trying to drum up [business] on a flight. Flight attendants have a certain number of alcoholic drinks they are permitted to give out per flight. Can I get your drink order? Passengers are complaining about one thing or another. Once you have them in your pocket, you need to have the confidence to ask for the free drinks. I told her she should arrange to stop in SF for a layover and asked for her number, which she happily agreed to give me. Twitter0 How to get free drinks on flights and sleep with your Flight Attendant.

Sex with a flight attendant

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