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I want sex more than my girlfriend

Are you aware of her sexual needs? Moreover, it involves way more than genital stimulation. As time goes on, things become predictable. Discuss needs One very real reason her sex drive may seem lower than yours could be emotional. Help her to see how unhappy this situation is making you, and ask her to describe her own feelings, while listening empathically.

I want sex more than my girlfriend

Consider these starter questions: Are you aware of her sexual needs? This way no-one gets hurt. How might her definitions differ than yours? Does she have a different circadian rhythm than you? Perhaps she needs you to change your style of initiation or your love-making technique. Wondering what to do about it? You need to have a very focused conversation with your girlfriend, in which you must share your true feelings without apportioning blame. Will you seek treatment together? As time goes on, things become predictable. Is a high sex drive a blessing, something to boast about, or a curse? In turn, this can lead to massive boredom. Does this leave you feeling rejected and confused? Get help if you feel dangerously out of control. For these reasons and many more , there could be mitigating factors contributing to her lower sex drive. Communication is key — and so is patience. When you are intimate, does she gravitate towards physical contact or emotional bonding? If left unchecked, it can cause some men to jump to conclusions and sometimes sabotage an otherwise healthy relationship. The longer the two of you are together, the more likely this will happen. Does she take something for depression? Consider the following questions: Does she know what turns you on? Is a high sex drive ruining your relationship? Feeling so hopeless about a relationship is far from a good sign. Do you know what her emotional needs are?

I want sex more than my girlfriend

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  1. You deserve to have the ability to develop and maintain a happy, healthy, satisfying relationship in which problems can be aired and resolved.

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