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Having sex slowly

To put it in another context, would you rather eat fast food three times a week and feel drained, grumpy, and tired afterwards, or sample gourmet, three Michelin star chef prepared food for ten hours a week and feel miraculously recharged like you could run a marathon at the end of each extended meal? Run your fingers over her stomach, over her hip bones, down her hips, on the inside and outside of her thighs. Whatever you get up to as your sex sessions is winding down, take your time doing it. Every moan, every hair follicle, every tender kiss, every orgasm… remain present for it all. There is no before, during and after, there is just the moment-to-moment honouring of your body and the body of your partner as beautiful, loveable, and sacred. Lovingly take her face in your hands and kiss her softly. Or wear blind folds. Practicing slow sex results in: You have all night.

Having sex slowly

So what does this mean in practical, actionable terms? Slow sex is phenomenal. Love is the always the answer. And even when they have, start with slow, long strokes. Enjoy the slow pacing of the drawn out tease. The first and most important thing you can do is send this article to your partner. Just take your time. Read this article and then this one , allow the time and space for slowness in your pre-sex rituals. For many couples, their pre-sex rituals are the things that build the sexual tension and anticipation in the room. Heck, even slow dancing to imaginary music at the foot of your bed will work. What else are we racing around, accumulating stuff, and things, and social status for, if not to ultimately just wind down with someone that we love? Like I said, this list is by no means a complete one. Slow sex is supposed to be sloooowwwwww. While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are a few examples of things that you can do to start your slow sex foreplay Note: Men benefit from extended slow sex just as much as women do, albeit in slightly different ways. Allow your fingers to take their time finding their way into her wetness. And even if he does, this is slow sex. Again, easy does it. The Primary Benefits Of Slow Sex While some of the benefits of slow sex might be more self-explanatory than others, I feel it necessary to point out the major benefits that come from engaging in regular or even occasional slow sex with your partner. Run your fingers along his torso. Every person on the planet is sexually unique. Sex is about feeling and connecting and playing and enjoying. During Your Sexual Play Foreplay is great, and taking it slowly definitely sets the stage for some luscious, nourishing, heart-exploding sexual play. The best guide as to what your partners needs next is her body, breath, words, and overall sexual responsiveness. There is absolutely a time and place for that. Touch, feel, communicate, taste, and play. And slow sex is a delicious and efficient way to access that love.

Having sex slowly

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  1. Maybe you want to have a bath together, or start with some light massage. If given the choice between thirty minutes a week of shallow, draining sexual activity, and five hours of energizing, deeply connected, emotionally invigorating sexual play, I believe that the vast majority of people men and women would choose the latter, every single time.

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