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Video about facts about nigerian sex slaves:

Photos Of Slavery From The Past That Will Horrify You

Facts about nigerian sex slaves

Priests are already pleading with families of victims to come to their shrines to collect their bundles of intimate items. I'd been so isolated from the world. Which means they were bred to be prostitutes. As head of the year-old Kingdom of Benin, Ewuare II—who was crowned the new Oba in fall —wields absolute power over the deities and priests who practice juju today. In Nigeria, increasingly frequent reports have suggested that the northern insurgency is incorporating child soldiers more heavily. Forgers, lawyers, juju priests, government officials, sorcerers, evangelists, embassy officials, police, state officials, border and immigration officials, transporters, receivers, and brothel-keepers are among the groups of people involved in sex-trafficking of women in Nigeria McInnis.

Facts about nigerian sex slaves

The adults, well, they still figure that's their own fault. If the Oba had annulled the oaths a few years earlier, she might have been able to return to her family in Nigeria with something to show for her suffering. That winter afternoon, as she dusted the last few crumbs of chocolate from her hands, the Italian police pulled up and asked to see her documents. Usually, the trafficked women stay on in Europe to earn money on their own, before returning home with enough funds to buy a house, start a business or support her family. Most of the girls prostitutes on the rented portions of roads and their clients often have sex with them in the bush or in their cars. Continue Reading Below Advertisement These women often get into the sex trade when they're still too young to consent. Kara, the sex trafficking expert, recalls observing the trial of a human trafficking suspect in Torino several years ago, when one of her victims was called to the witness box. Wealth should have felt liberated. It is still a source of shame to her family that she came back empty handed. The government doesn't even have an estimate. Our lives could have been so different. Still, Okoduwa is not convinced that trafficking will stop entirely. Then, once they arrive, the victims get eased into the real job by the same process Christina did -- they're told they owe money and now have to "work" it off. More on this topic. Instead, she was terrified. After four years Faith managed to pay off her debt, but decided to return home to Nigeria last year when she accidentally became pregnant. For the Nigerian women sold as sex workers in Europe, it's a life of hell and hardship. For several minutes she huddled outside, gorging on the sweets and forgetting, just for a moment, the shame, humiliation and torture she had endured ever since arriving in Italy for what a friend had falsely told her was going to be a job selling African food and trinkets. Most Nigerian sex trafficking victims are lured to european countries such as Italy to work as sex slaves Carling. They just shuffled me through the system. So when her pimp inevitably picked her back up -- ensuring her compliance with threats of violence -- she left home again without a struggle. That is now likely to change. For the worst kind of pimps, Google is a much more dangerous tool than a backhand. At the hospital in Enugu, a large city in Nigeria's south-east, 20 teenage girls were rescued in May in a police swoop on what was believed to be one of the largest infant trafficking rings in the West African country. At the heart of the illegal immigration crisis, is sex trafficking. The Libya slave scandal exposed a can of worms. The doctor in charge, who is now on trial, reportedly lured teenagers with unwanted pregnancies by offering to help with abortion.

Facts about nigerian sex slaves

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